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The terms of sale together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation, constitute the overall contractual basis for the purchase. The sales conditions and other information at is only available in Norwegian.

To be able to shop at you must be 18 years old.

Where in these terms and conditions of sale there is a requirement for writing, this is fulfilled by using e-mail, SMS, letter, or the like.

  1. Parties


Contact details for THE VIKING PLANET OSLO AS appear below.

Information about THE VIKING PLANET OSLO AS:

- Company No. 921744072

- Head office address: Fridtjof Nansens plass 4, 0160 Oslo

– Telephone for The Viking Planet: +47 469 42 495
, email:


"Seller" is hereinafter referred to as "we", "us" or "Seller". Buyer is: the person stated as the buyer in the order, and is hereinafter referred to as "you", "you", "your" or "your".

​   2. Shop in the online store

Here we have described the purchase process so that you can always feel safe when shopping online.

  1. Find out about the products

  2. Select the desired product

  3. add to cart

  4. Select shipment and payment method

  5. Control of the order

  6. Confirm your order and acceptance of the terms of sale

  7. Receive order confirmation

    3. Your order

When we receive your bestilling, we will confirm the order and automatically send you an order confirmation to the email address you have provided. Read the order confirmation carefully when you receive it and check whether the order confirmation is in accordance with the order.

Deviations between your order and the order confirmation are considered a new offer from us, which you can accept or decline. If you have ordered more than one product, you may receive the products in separate shipments.

We reserve the right to cancel your order or part of it if the product is sold out. In the case of sold-out situations, you will be notified of this, possibly together with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the option to accept our new offer with the changes we specify in relation to your order, or cancel the order. Furthermore, reservations are made regarding the cancellation of orders intended for resale.

If there has been a typographical or printing error of a significant size on the part of the Seller, in advertisements etc. and/or in the online store that is greater than 15% of the normal retail price, the Seller can unilaterally change, delete or reject the order. This applies even if the customer has received an order confirmation or similar. We also reserve the right to cancel your order, as well as not maintain our customer guarantees as a result of force majeure. This exists if it is not possible to fulfill the terms of the agreement. This may be due to extraordinary circumstances and events that The Viking Planet Oslo could not have foreseen such as war, extraordinary natural events, fire, strikes and pandemics.

We have the opportunity to make changes until the item is sent from our warehouse. If the item has been sent from our warehouse, you must use your right of withdrawal.

   4. Payment

When you shop at, it is The Viking Planet Oslo AS that handles the payment. For questions about payment, you can contact the customer phone at +47 469 42 495

All prices include VAT. The order summary will include all expenses associated with the item such as expenses for postage, shipping, packaging etc

As a means of payment, you can choose from among the payment methods we offer in the purchase process. To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, your payment card details are encrypted. Once we have received your order, we make a reservation on your payment method to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover the purchase price and complete the transaction. If a reservation cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the order. You will receive information about such possible cancellation.

If you use a payment card, PayPal or direct debit as a payment method, you will be charged when we confirm your order and delivery has been initiated with us. This also applies when pre-ordering products that become available in time or have an unconfirmed delivery date.

Klarna Invoice as a payment method is only available to private individuals and cannot be issued to companies, regardless of their form of business.

If you choose invoice, this will be sent per e-mail from Klarna at the same time as we send your order, and with the due date as indicated during the purchase process. No additional fees apply for purchases against invoice. Please note that you must always provide your full social security number for purchases with Klarna Invoice. Klarna will make an assessment to determine whether you can shop for the selected amount. In this assessment, Klarna mainly looks at three things: your previous payment history with them, how much you want to shop and external information that Klarna obtains from a credit reference agency (reciprocal letter is sent when information is obtained from a credit reference agency). It is therefore a combination of several different factors that determine whether the purchase goes through. Should the purchase not go through with an invoice, you can complete the order with another payment method we offer. If you have any questions about the assessment, please contact Klarna on 21 01 89 91 Mon-Fri between 08.00-17.00.

   5. Right of return in connection with an open purchase

For purchases where The Viking Planet Oslo AS is the seller, a 30-day right of return is offered. Take the product and receipt to the store within 30 days, and you will get the money for the purchase back simply and easily. The product must be unopened/unused and not have broken packaging.

Return of goods in connection with open purchase

The item can be returned to our centre:

The Viking Planet Oslo AS
Fridtjof Nansen's place 4

0160 Oslo

The order is credited and you will be paid whatever you have paid.

   6. Delivery and delay

Delivery of the products takes place in the manner indicated on the order confirmation. We bear the risk for the products until they are taken over by you, i.e. when you have received the products in your possession.

For home delivery with carry-on, please bear in mind that you yourself are responsible for making sure that it is possible to transport the products into your home. For home delivery, you must be there to receive the goods and we can require identification before handing over the goods.

If the delivery of the products is delayed, we will give you information as soon as we are aware of it, together with information about, and possibly when, delivery can take place, or whether the product(s) are sold out. We give you the choice between maintaining the order, setting a new delivery date or canceling the order with a refund of the amount paid.

In the case of a delivery method where you pick up the order in store, and where this is paid for during the online purchase process, this is considered an internet order regulated by, among other things, the Consumer Purchase Act, the Right of Cancellation Act, the Marketing Act, the Personal Data Act, the E-commerce Act and the Credit Purchase Act. If you want more information about your rights and obligations when purchasing, these laws can be searched at

If you have ordered more than one product, you may receive the products in separate shipments.


After you have received the products, we recommend that you check as soon as possible whether the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during transport, or whether the products are otherwise faulty or missing.

If the products are faulty or missing, you can, depending on the circumstances, demand rectification of the fault, redelivery, price reduction, compensation or cancellation of the purchase. The seller can demand to repair the item if it is impossible to obtain a new one, for example if the item is no longer produced, or if it entails an unreasonable cost. Notification of errors and defects in the products can be conveyed to us verbally or in writing. This must be done within a reasonable time after you discovered the error or deficiency. You still always have at least a two-month complaint deadline. For reasons of evidence, we recommend that the complaint be sent to us in writing. The right to advertise applies for two years after you have taken over the product, or five years if the product is intended to last significantly more than two years. Complaints must be directed to the seller of the product in question, i.e. The Viking Planet Oslo AS.

   8. Right of withdrawal

The Right of Cancellation Act gives you the right to cancel your purchase. The right of withdrawal applies to goods and certain services. The right of withdrawal requires that you notify the seller within 14 days of receiving the delivery at the latest that you want to use the right of withdrawal, primarily by using the received right of withdrawal form, or in writing by letter, e-mail, SMS with reference to the order number.

If you have not received a right of withdrawal form either in the order confirmation or upon delivery of the products, this period is extended to twelve months after the goods have been received.

In order for the right of withdrawal to be exercised, the product must be delivered to us in approximately the same quantity and condition as you received it. All products must be returned to the seller within a reasonable time. Any return shipping must be paid for by you.

The seller is obliged to repay what you have paid, including postage for the shipment, handling fees, customs fees, collection fees, etc. Repayment must take place within fourteen days after the seller receives the product from you or a collection note or the product is made available to the seller.

The product is sent back to us (with tracking number), if possible in the original packaging, together with the right of withdrawal form (which is attached to the order confirmation you received by e-mail).

When purchasing from The Viking Planet Oslo AS, the item can be returned to our centre:

The Viking Planet Oslo AS

Fridtjof Nansen's place 4

0160 Oslo

   9. Personal information

The privacy statement for The Viking Planet Oslo AS can be read here


Sales deposit

We have a lien on the delivered products until the purchase price, including interest and costs, has been paid in full.

   11. Disputes

The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not successful, you can bring the matter before the Consumer Council near where you live. A party to the case is the Seller, i.e. The Viking Planet Oslo AS. All disputes must be resolved according to Norwegian law. If the case is brought before the courts, it must be decided in your (the buyer's) jurisdiction, which normally means close to where you live.

Information on appeal possibilities

If you want to complain about a product or service purchased from us, you can submit a complaint to:
The Consumer Council
Fred Olsens gate 1
0152 Oslo

You can complain to the Consumer Council via

The European Commission's complaints portal can also be used if you wish to lodge a complaint. It is particularly relevant if you are a consumer living in another EU country.
The complaint is filed here –

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