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In June 2019, the world's first digital Viking museum opened in Oslo. This is the first of several Viking Planets to be launched both in Norway and abroad in the coming years. The Viking Planet is a digital portal to the Viking Age which, with the help of tomorrow's technology, offers a number of unique experiences based on the Viking Age.

The way we combine education, tradition and innovation makes The Viking Planet something innovative in a global context, both in tourism and the entertainment industry. We strive to give you a unique experience where you learn about the Viking Age in an entertaining way. Regardless of your knowledge of Viking history, our innovative technology and approach will make The Viking Planet an exciting experience center for social outings, school classes and families.


An inclusive experience
To ensure that our content is as accessible as possible, all our experiences have been translated into twelve different languages. In addition, our premises are adapted for wheelchair users.



Content Production:
Our various productions have been co-produced with the best partners from around the world to ensure first-class quality of our experiences. These partners include Ridley Scott Associates, Dimension Studios and M7Virtual, among others.


Erik Gustavson, one of Norway's most renowned directors, has directed all films and other content on The Viking Planet. Gustavson has been awarded several Amanda prizes, Norway's answer to the Oscars, for various feature films such as Herman, Telegrafisten and Sofie's World.

Historical accuracy:
To ensure that our experiences are as historically correct as possible, The Viking Planet has worked together with author and Viking historian, Kim Hjardar. Hjardar has quality assured the design of buildings, weapons, clothing and longships that appear in our experiences.


Some of our experiences are dramatized, but the starting point is based on knowledge from archaeological finds and Norse literature.

The opening of the world's first digital Viking museum
It was a big challenge to establish the world's first digital Viking museum and to celebrate the opening we had a sword delivered on horseback from Avaldsnes, the site of King Harald Hårfagre's primary royal court, for our dedication ceremony on 20 June 2019.


This sword was called Augvaldsbaune, in honor of King Augvald of Karmøy, a legendary king portrayed in the Norse sagas. To bring the Augvaldsbaune safely, Per Eisten Prøys-Røhjel was commissioned to ride over the mountain to Oslo with the sword. He was followed by other Vikings through Oslo's streets before they engaged in a sword fight outside the entrance to The Viking Planet.

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